viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

July 23rd, 1976

                                                 July 23rd, 1976
  img205/2558/23rdjuly76ticketit0.jpg img80/9679/760723eslouisville02en5.jpgimg231/3897/760723eslouisville03qn5.jpg
img89/6163/760723eslouisville01vw7.jpg  img205/3034/july2376ticketja4.jpg
These (the first image) were taken less - then - twenty fours later, in Charleston,
West Virginia, on July the 24th! Elvis (and the new security team) are seen here
 (the second image pertains to the evening migration) leaving the Daniel Boone Hotel,
enroute to the Civic Center, for Elvis' afternoon show. Elvis stayed here twelve months
 prior (12/07/75)! Hope you enjoy!

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