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Backstage after his show in Macon, GA on April 15, 1972

Leaving the Macon Coliseum on April 15, 1972

Arriving in Oakland, CA from El Paso, Texas on November 11, 1972

Boarding his chartered jet in Oakland, CA on his way to San Bernardino, CA on November 12, 1972

PICTURES October 21, 1971


Arriving to provide a blood sample in the paternity suit filed by Patricia Parker on October 21, 1971



Doing a sound check with the band on January 13, 1973 before the Aloha From Hawaii satellite show
Receiving an award backstage on January 13, 1973 before his Honolulu Hawaii concert
Off to perform his evening concert in Anaheim, CA on April 23, 1973

Greeting a fan before his afternoon show in Seattle on April 29, 1973

Source - Seattle Times
April 30, 1973
Elvis excites two Arena audiences
by Patrick MacDonald

There was no penetrating Elvis Presley's security web around the Seattle Center Arena yesterday, where he had shows at 3 and 8 p.m. Both sold out weeks ago.

Jim Borda, 23, Mercer Island, collects Presley memorabilia and he showed up at the first show wearing Elvis buttons and carrying copies of Elvis' earliest recordings. 1954 releases from the Sun label in Memphis.

"One of the guys in the band saw me and got Col. Parker (Presley's manager) and he took me to see Elvis. "This is only going to be an in-out thing," Col. Parker told me before we went into the dressing room. He said we wouldn't be staying long. But Elvis talked to me a while after they took the picture."

Before his matinee show at the Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale (Long Island, NY) on June 24, 1973 - In the photos are members of the Norwegian Fan Club, "Flaming Star", presenting Elvis with the Norwegian silver record for She's Not You/Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello and Aloha From Hawaii. Members of the group included Fan club President Pål Granlund, Erik Lorentzen and artist Per "Elvis" Granberg -

Enroute to his evening show at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville on July 1, 1973
It appears that Elvis is signing this ladies chest on August 24, 1973 just before the midnight show - The lady is the wife of Swedish journalist Börje (Boerje) Lundgren (the tall guy in the pictures).

PICTURES March, 1974

Leaving Houston, TX on his way to Monroe, LA on March 4, 1974

With Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards before his show in Monroe on March 4, 1974

Patrick Airport, Hampton, VA on March 11, 1974

Arriving at and then leaving his hotel on his way to perform in Hampton Roads, VA on March 11, 1974

Leaving the Hilton Inn for his concert in Greensboro, NC on March 13, 1974

Signing autographs in Murfreesboro, TN on March 14, 1974



Members of "The King's Court" fan club from New York meeting Elvis backstage in Las Vegas on August 29, 1973
The members all have club buttons on, the same button worn by Bruce Springsteen on the cover of his album Born To Run

Also from August 29, 1973 in Las Vegas - with some Swedish fans in the colour photo and with Tony Prince and other fans from the UK in the black and white photos

Elvis with Sten Berglind, a reporter from a Swedish newspaper and Todd Slaughter on September 3, 1973 in Las Vegas

With fan Colleen Taylor outside the Memphian Theater on December 23, 1973