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Two Kings




Two Kings celebrate the legacies of Elvis Presley and Martin Luther King

Jack Dennis

, San Antonio Arts Examiner

January 14, 2012

I first met Pam Tillis in Las Vegas, Nevada in July 1979 while she was singing backup  to her father, country music singer Mel Tillis.
Mel surprised his daughter by announcing to the crowd at the Frontier Hotel that night that he was inviting up front so she could sing a song by herself.
"Daddy would do that occasionally," Tillis laughed later. "So I am always ready."
"Daddy always says he  wanted to play at the Frontier because that is where Elvis played, but we are close enough here at the Frontier," she laughed after the show.
The Stardust, which was imploded in 2006, had the distinct history of being the first place Elvis Presley ever performed in Vegas, back in 1956.
Mel Tillis introduced his next big hit that night. It was "Are You Sincere?," a song Elvis had recorded and released a few years before his death in 1977. 
Years later, daughter Pam, released a big hit "Maybe It Was Memphis."
It is only fitting that Pam Tillis today, pays tribute to Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll, and another King, Martin Luther in her co-written song 'Two Kings.'

Pam Tillis and Kris Thomas join in the soulful and inspiring "Two Kings" to honor Elvis and MLK.


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My voice is God's will, not mine." ~Elvis Presley

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