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December 25 , On this day in Elvis history


Elvis celebrated Christmas in the Audubon Drive House.
Elvis spent Christmas at Graceland with his parents.
The whole family celebrated Christmas at the Hotel Grunewald with a very special meal and gifts. Elvis received an electric guitar from Vernon. There was also a card from the Colonel, dressed like Santa.
Elvis arranged to have a French poodle delivered to Anita Wood for Christmas. In Germany Elvis threw a Christmas party at the Goethestrasse for family and friends. Priscilla was there too and she gave some bongo drums to Elvis for his Christmas.
Elvis and Priscilla gave a private party for 30 friends. Elvis gave a toy poodle to Priscilla and she gave a wooden cigarette box, playing Surrender, to Elvis.
Elvis spent Christmas with Priscilla at Graceland.
At Christmas Elvis received a special gift from all the "boys". At Marty Lacker's behest they had bought a special Bible with a "tree of life" on the front page. On each branch of the tree was a name of one of the guys and at the bottom there was Elvis' favorite quotation: "and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free", written in English. Hebrew and Latin. Elvis noticed that Larry's name was missing and he did not want to accept the gift until this was corrected. During this same period Elvis started to wear a Jewish "chai" around his neck.
Elvis received a statue of Jesus, which the entourage had bought for $500 from a local artist. (it is still in the Meditation Garden) Priscilla gave Elvis a home slot-car racing set, purchased at the Robert E. Lee Raceway, where they had been spending much time since they returned to Memphis. Elvis liked it very much.
Elvis spent Christmas at Graceland with Priscilla and his family. Christmas dinner was catered by Monte's Catering Service as always.
Christmas at Graceland. By the end of the year the remaining horses were brought back to Graceland, where Elvis and everybody else continued to ride in the fields behind.
Elvis and Priscilla spent Christmas at Graceland. It was Lisa Marie's first, so Vernon dressed himself up as Santa.
Christmas was spent at Graceland again. Vernon dressed himself up like Santa again for Lisa Marie. Elvis gave Priscilla a black fox coat, while she gave him a velvet suit and shirts and slacks, designed for his personal use by Bill Belew.
Elvis spent Christmas quietly at home at Graceland with Priscilla and Lisa Marie. They went to see Little Fauss and Big Halsy, at the Memphian.
Christmas was spent at Graceland. When it was time to hand out the presents Elvis joked around, distributing MacDonald's gift certificates, before revealing his real presents.
Although everything seemed normal, many of the guys recollected that Priscilla and Elvis appeared distant over the Christmas holidays.
Elvis presented to Linda Thompson on Christmas Even a mink coat that he had purchased from King Furs in Memphis.
Christmas was spent at Graceland. One of the gifts from Elvis was a mink coat from King Furs in Memphis.
Elvis spent Christmas at Graceland. He had Voice flying in and out during this holiday season.
In the evening Elvis took everyone up in the Lisa Marie and gave out jewelry that he had personally selected for each individual from Lowell Hays' collection. At the end of the evening Elvis' aunt Delta got drunk and cursed out his friends.

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