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January 08, On this day in Elvis history

January 8, 1935
In the house that Vernon had built with the help of his father and brother, Gladys, attended by Dr. William R. Hunt, gave birth to twin boys.The first, Jesse Garon, was delivered stillborn at 4.00 a.m.and would be buried the next day in an unmarked grave in the Priceville Cemetery, near Tupelo. The second, named Elvis Aron Presley, was born at 4:35 a.m.

January 8, 1946
On his 11th birthday Elvis got a guitar from his parents instead of the bicycle he wanted.

January 8, 1949
Vernon gave Elvis a paperback book of cartoons by George Price with the inscription: "May your birthday be sprinkled through 'n through with joy and love and good times too, Daddy". Elvis brought this book with him to Germany, but it was left behind in his rented house at 14 Goethestrasse.

January 8, 1953
Vernon and Gladys paid $50 for a 1952 Lincoln Zephyr coups which they gave to Elvis on his 18th birthday. With wheels like any other teenager, Elvis discovered freedom which scared his mother. Gladys did not know how to drive, so she used the excuse to get Elvis to drive her everywhere.

January 8, 1954

Elvis, his mother Gladys and his father Vernon celebrated is birthday singing inspirational songs at their home.

January 8, 1955

Elvis performed at the Louisiana Hayride, Municipal Auditorium,Shreveport. Elvis was introduced as the "Memphis Flash" and described to the radio audience by announcer Frank Page as wearing crocodile-skin shoes with pink socks. He performed "That's All Right", "Hearts Of Stone", "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" and "Fool Fool Fool".
Elvis 's third single "Milkcow Blues Boogie" was released.
Tour Ref:1955
Date:January 8 1955
Venue:Municipal Auditorium
Location:Shreveport LA
Showtime:(8:00 PM)
Show type:Louisiana Hayride
Ticket Price:
Shoes:Pink Crocodile Skin
Thats All Right
Hearts Of Stone
Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Fool Fool Fool


January 8, 1956
Elvis and Red flew back to Memphis, where they arrived in the early morning. Elvis was asleep when the Colonel telephoned to wish him a happy birthday.

January 8, 1957
Elvis celebrated his 22nd birthday at home with his parents. While he was home Elvis stopped by to see Dixie Locke, who was recently married.

In a press conference, The Memphis Draft Board declares Elvis will be classified 1A and that he would probably be drafted within the next six to eight months. . This means he will most likely be drafted.

January 8, 1958
Elvis was photographed on the stairs inside Graceland, with a March of Dimes poster girl. She was waiting for more than 2 hours before the picture was taken.

January 8, 1959

Elvis celebrated his birthday in Germany. Dick Clark, host of "American Bandstand", called Elvis in Germany to tell him that he had been voted most popular singer of the year and that his record "King Creole" was the most popular record of the year.

January 8, 1960
Joe Esposito and the group gave Elvis a trophy with the inscription:"Elvis Presley Most Valuable Player Bad Nauheim Sunday Afternoon Football Association, 1959".
Elvis was interviewed by Dick Clark via transatlantic telephone on this birthday for "American Bandstand". Elvis spoke about his upcoming recording session, his appearance on the Frank Sinatra television show and his new Paramount picture, titled G.I. Blues. Later in the evening Elvis celebrated at a local recreation center with about 200 guests,including Priscilla.

January 8, 1961
Elvis celebrated his 26th birthday with Hope Lange on the set of Wild In The Country. He was in a foul mood because Colonel Parker insisted he record the title track from the movie which Elvis thought was anon-singing role.

January 8, 1962
Elvis celebrated his 27th birthday at the Sahara in Las Vegas.

Dick Clark dedicated his broadcast of "American Bandstand" to Elvis.

January 8, 1964
Elvis celebrated his 29th birthday quietly at home. Elvis did not want to celebrate his birthday as he was upset about the way his flagging movie career and became violent at how the critics were panning his movies.

January 8, 1965
Elvis celebrated his birthday quietly at home, though some newspapers printed the news of his 30th birthday like it was the end of an era. Only 2 months later Elvis declared in an interview: "I can never forget the longing to be someone. I guess if you are poor you always think bigger and want more than those who have everything."
The Tree of Life was presented to Elvis by his very close friends for his birthday in 1965.

Designed as a family tree with Elvis Presley engraved along the trunk and the names;Billy Smith, Harry Levitch, Alan Fortas, Joe Esposito, Richard Davis, Mike Keeton, Red West, Larry Geller, Jerry Schilling, Marty Lacker.

On that day Elvis signed a 3-picture contract with MGM and there was talk of Elvis starring in Baby The Rain Must Fall.However, Steve McQueen got the lead role of Henry Thomas an ex-con who had a band called "The Rockabillies". In the film McQueen remarks,"Maybe I'll be a big movie star like Elvis Presley..." Hal Wallis agreed to change Elvis' 1958 contract into a five-picture deal. The movies Elvis made under the contract were Blue Hawaii, Girls! Girls! Girls!, Fun In Acapulco, Roustabout and Paradise Hawaiian Style.

January 8, 1966
Elvis celebrated his 31st birthday by attending "It's A Mad,Mad, Mad, Mad World" at The Memphian. He would continue to watch films almost every night while he was at home. Elvis received a telegram from RCA, declaring: "Your understanding and cooperation made 1965 the biggest of all the ten years you have been with us", what seemed more a statement of hope than of history..

January 8, 1967
Elvis spent his birthday at Graceland reading his books and quietly contemplating the past that had brought him to this point, and the future that lay ahead.

January 8, 1968
Elvis celebrated his 33th birthday at Graceland, attending the movies at The Memphian later in the evening. The movies were "Dark Side of the Sun" and "It".

January 8, 1969
WHBQ did a salute in honor of Elvis' birthday giving away some of his LPs. Elvis celebrated his 34th birthday at Graceland..then went to the Memphian. He arrived driving the Lincoln with Charlie, Joe and Priscilla. He was wearing a blue jacket, blue pants, white boots, blue and white Apache scarf and a blue shirt. The movie was "Alice B. Toklas" In the movie a freaky dress shop called The Pleasure Dome on Sunset strip was featured and Priscilla said she had been there. During a wedding scene they played "Here Comes the Bride" and Elvis sang "There Goes the Groom". When Peter Sellars backed out of the wedding at the altar Elvis said, "That's a bad time to back out man! Bad time to back out!"…the preceding is from the Donna Lewis Diaries, Volume III.

January 8, 1971
Elvis had a police radio installed in his Mercedes and he bought an array of police equipment, including revolving blue lights, shoulder holsters, chemical weapons and handcuffs. Over the next few days he would purchase a number of Smith & Wesson pistols as well as additional police equipment. Elvis again celebrated at the Memphian. Shirley's husband. Bob, had made a plaque for Elvis' birthday from all of the regulars "The Memphian Show Crowd. It had everyone's names inscribed on the plaque. Charlie told Bob to go on and give it to Elvis before the show started, so the regulars went down to present the plaque. Elvis was wearing blue pants and shisrt, boots a leather jacket and the gun holster that Donna Lewis and her family had given him for Christmas the year before. You can also see Elvis with it in the photo with all the guys taken the night of Sonny's wedding reception at Graceland..
Bob handed Elvis the package and Priscilla tried to peek into it and Elvis started laughing telling her to leave it alone. Elvis smiled and said "Thanks! From the the Memphians. The Show Crowd." He then asked Priscilla to read the names off and he said "In appreciation of all that you have done…Pat Parker" Everyone cracked up (that was Elvis' sense of humor…as Pat Parker was the one who had filed the paternity suit against him) Then Elvis got serious and read all the names and thanked everyone again and said he was going to hang it in his trophy room. The movies were "The Twelve Chairs" and "The McKenzie Break", which he cut off. He told everyone that he was flying out to Los Angeles but would be back Saturday for the Jaycees' Awards ceremony and he didn't know if he would have a show after the ceremony. He said goodnight to everyone…from the Donna Lewis Diaries Volume III.

January 8, 1972
Joyce Bova came to Memphis for Elvis' birthday. They went to the Memphian with some other couples.

January 8, 1975

Elvis celebrated his 40th birthday at Graceland -- according to the press "in self-imposed seclusion". True or not, Elvis' Uncle Vester hadn't seen his nephew since Christmas.

January 8, 1976
Elvis spent the evening of his birthday in a rental home on the slopes of Vail with Jerry Schilling and Myrna Smith. There was a great deal of tension on this vacation, mostly due to Elvis' changes of mood. Elvis was not feeling very well this evening until Myrna revealed that she had not seen one of his favorite recent films, Across 110th Street. Elvis recited every line of dialogue from the picture.
January 8, 1977
Elvis spent what would be his last birthday with Ginger Alden at his Chino Canyon home in Palm Springs.
January 8, 1981
"Elvis Presley Day" was declared in Alabama, Florida, Georgia,Illinois, Kansas, North & South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

January 8, 1993
U.S. Postal Service released a stamp of Elvis. The picture used was one of Elvis in the 1950's.

January 8, 2004

RCA Records and BMG Strategic Marketing Group with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced that Elvis Presley had become the best selling solo artist in U.S. history.

January 8, 2005

In the U.K., a campaign began to release Elvis Presley's 18 #1 songs over 17 consecutive weeks. The campaign ended on April 25th.

January 8, 2006

The RIAA presented awards upgrading the sales certification status of"ELVIS 30 #1 HITS" and "It's Christmas Time" and for the first sales certifications for the DVD "Elvis by the Presleys". "ELVIS 30 #1 HITS"was upgraded from 3x Platinum to 4x Platinum. The album "It's Christmas Time" was upgraded from Platinum to 2x Platinum. The DVD "Elvis by the Presleys" was certified at 2x Platinum.

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