miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

December 23 , On this day in Elvis history


Elvis, Scotty and Bill were stopped for speeding on their way home from Shreveport.
 Elvis recalled in a interview: " I thought: Here goes my Christmas money for a traffic ticket.
 But the officer let us go with a warning. After the officer left, the 3 of us got out of the car and
 counted our money by the car headlights. The money was mostly in dollar bills, Man, that was
 the most money I ever had in my pockets at one time! I blew the whole bundle the next day 
for Christmas presents."
This was the last day on the set of Wild In The Country for Elvis, before he flew home for 
the week off. The Colonel had arranged this.
December 23, 1973
Elvis screened movies at The Memphian.
Elvis flew back to Memphis with Linda and Lisa Marie.


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