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December 30, On this day in Elvis history


December 30, 1957
The album "Elvis' Christmas Album" hit #1 in the U.S.
December 30, 1958
Elvis received a letter from the Colonel that there were rumors in the press about parties at the hotel. The Colonel cautioned
Elvis to maintain a low profile.
December 30, 1966
Elvis purchased another horse, along with a great deal of equipment for riding.
December 30, 1969
There were a lot of fireworks delivered at Graceland for the New Year's Eve party.
December 30, 1970
- Elvis returned to Washington D.C. with 8 friends, including ex-sheriff Bill Morris, for a visit to the headquarters of the National
Sheriffs Association. Elvis took out memberships for everyone to that they would all be eligible for automatic life insurance policies.
Morris had also promised to arrange for an appointment with J. Edgar Hoover, but once again this failed. However, the group did go on a
special tour at the FBI headquarters the next day.
- "Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 1" hit #21 in the U.K.
- The Elvis Presley album "Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits Vol. 1" hit #49 in the U.K.
December 30, 1971
Priscilla and Lisa Marie flew back to Los Angeles. Following their departure, Elvis announced to everyone that Priscilla was leaving him.
She hadn't told him why, he said, simply that she no longer loved him.
December 30, 1973
Elvis got a house call from the podiatrist who had helped him a couple of days before with an ingrown toenail.
December 30, 1974
Elvis sent the Colonel a telegram: "Dear Colonel, I appreciate your signing any papers necessary for me while I am recuperating.
The best from all the boys and myself. Happy New Year, Elvis."
December 30, 1975
Elvis left for Pontiac, Michigan around midnight.
December 30, 1976
Elvis performed at Omni, Atlanta, Georgia.
Date:30 Dec 1976
Venue:Atlanta, GA.
Costume:King Of Spades (white) suit
Track list:

Also Sprach Zarathustra
See See Rider
I Got A Woman/Amen
Love Me
You Gave Me A Mountain
Jailhouse Rock
O Sole Mio/It's Now Or Never
Jailhouse Rock
Such A Night
Reconsider Baby
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
That's All Right
My Way
Polk Salad Annie
[band introductions]
Early Morning Rain
What'd I Say
Johnny B. Goode
Love Letters
School Days
Hound Dog
Unchained Melody
Can't Help Falling In Love





Tour Ref:On Tour number 27 - December 27th - December 31st 1976
Date:December 30 1976
Venue:The Omni
Location:Atlanta GA
Showtime:(8:30 pm)
Article *:
Release:Elvis Bicentennial Vol.3
Length:41 mins
Suit:1974 Arabian
Belt:V-Neck suit belt

J.D. Sumner: Red Suit
Musicians: Red Suit

2001 Theme
C C Rider
I Got A Woman
- segued medley with -
Big Boss Man
( above song includes 1 false start )
Love Me
( above song includes 1 false start )
Happy Birthday
You Gave Me A Mountain
O Sole Mio (by Sherrill Nielsen)
- segued medley with -
Its Now Or Never
Jailhouse Rock
Such A Night
Reconsider Baby
Are You Lonesome Tonight ?
Thats All Right
My Way
Polk Salad Annie
Band Introductions
Early Morning Rain
( featuring John Wilkinson )
Whatd I Say
( featuring James Burton )
Johnny B Goode
( featuring James Burton )
Drum Solo
( featuring Ronnie Tutt )
Bass Solo
( featuring Jerry Scheff )
Piano Solo
( featuring Tony Brown )
Love Letters
School Day
( followed by 2 reprises of above song )
Hound Dog
Unchained Melody
Cant Help Falling In Love
Closing Vamp

© George Hill© George Hill© George Hill


© Linda Helms
© Linda Helms

Description: Great footage from a great show. Footage combines good picture with photo slides.



Shot by:

VIDEO FOOTAGE   video footage presented by Tomek

CONCERT DATE: December 30, 1976. Atlanta, GA
Elvis Is Back - Slimmer, Healthier Presley Shows Adoring Fans He's In Top Form Again By Scott Cain
The Atlanta Journal
December 31, 1976

There's good news for Presley fans: Elvis is back in the groove.
This Thursday show at the Omni was tops, the best possible year-end present for his Atlanta fans.
From a vocal standpoint, Elvis was operating at his peak, both in tonal quality and exertion. He has lost a little weight and looks much healthier than he did last June. His vitality is restored and he was full of pep. Furthermore, he was in a good mood. He was giving his best and knew it, adding a wonderful aura of self-confidence to the show.
The concert was unique in many respects. You haven't lived until you have seen the king of rock 'n' roll lying flat on his back on the stage. And who would ever have thought that the king of rock 'n' roll could be upstaged while in just that position?
This happened while Elvis was giving a particularly powerful rendition of "Hurt." He was going through an elaborate display of theatrics, culminating in a swirling motion in which he revolved closer and closer to the floor, finally lying down.
This brought a wild ovation, during which a determined mother pushed her young daughter, perhaps 6 years old, onto the platform. The girl boldly stalked up to Elvis, who was still prostrate. Elvis took this interruption in stride, bestowing a warm hug on the child.
The program also was unusual in that Elvis revealed himself as an acceptable pianist. He plopped down at the keyboard and accompanied himself as he sang a lovely version of "Unchained Melody." His piano playing which consisted largely of a few simple chords, has more in common with saloon technique than with Horowitz, but it was still an expected bonus.
Elvis gave an uncommonly long performance. He did 25 songs in more or less full form, plus snippets of numerous others. His part of the show lasted an hour and a half, which is substantially longer than has been his custom.
There were virtually no lags, either. Elvis stopped one song because he felt the tempo was wrong and he halted another because he was having trouble getting into the same key as his band, but these were only minor lapses.
Hie repertoire ran the gamut. He opened with "C.C. Rider," and performed such Presley classics as "Jailhouse Rock," "That's All Right, Mama," "Hound Dog," "Amen," "It's Now or Never," and "Fairy Tale."
Elvis shrewdly built the momentum of the performance, and the core of the show was centered on his no-holds-barred interpretations of "My Way," "Working on the Chain Gang," "Early Morning Rain," and "Love Letters."
The Presley audience was beside itself with glee. The fanaticism of his fans has reached such a peak that Elvis sometimes has difficulty staying in control of the situation.
He was able to restrain the fury somewhat. He has sharply reduced the scarf-giving and the kissing. He gave away about 15 scarves and kissed only three or four of his feminine admirers.
He did not accept as many gifts from the audience as he has done previously, but the ones he got were notable for their diversity. One girl gave him something that looked like a shrunken head. It had a tongue that went in and out and, when a string was pulled, emitted a hideous laugh.
Still another fan had baked Elvis a two-layer birthday cake, with a king's crown on top and an abundance of flaming candles all around. When Elvis accepted this donation. The audience warbled "Happy Birthday" to him, even though he will not be 42 until next month.
The concert had been sold out weeks in advance and Elvis reassured his squealing fans that he will return any time they want him.
The most notable member of the audience was the defeated candidate for the office of mayor of Plains, Georgia. When Billy Carter entered the auditorium during intermission, he attracted as much attention as Jacqueline Onassis did in her heyday.
Courtesy of Linda Helms

Live In Atlanta

Recorded live at the Omni
December 30, 1976 Evening Show. Atlanta, GA

Recording: Audience


Sound: below average

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