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Elvis and Ginger in Harrison, Arkansas at the funeral of Ginger's grandfather on January 3, 1977

Elvis and Ginger leaving Harrison, Arkansas January 4th

In November 1976 Elvis gave Ginger Alden a white Lincoln Continental, the last he would purchase. On January 3, 1977 Elvis and Ginger along with a 15 man entourage attended the funeral of Ginger's Grandfather. Elvis had Ginger's family flown in to Harrison, Arkansas where they drove 20 miles to Jasper, Arkansas for the services which took place in a very small church. Elvis used Ginger's white Lincoln Continental during this 24 hour visit. The local Newspaper reported "The Star is Seen Barely and Briefly". A photo of Elvis entering the car is featured in the article (last photo above).

Elvis arriving from Orlando, FL in the hotel lobby in Montgomery, AL with Ed Parker on February 15, 1977 before his show in Montgomery on the 16th

Boarding the Lisa Marie to leave Johnson City on his way to Charlotte on February 19, 1977 during the first tour of the year

Leaving the stage after his show in Detroit on April 22, 1977
Leaving his hotel in Troy, MI on April 26, 1977

Hitting the stage later the same day in Kalamazoo, MI on April 26, 1977

Enroute to the Freedom Hall to perform in Louisville Kentucky on May 21, 1977

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