sábado, 7 de enero de 2012

January 05, On this day in Elvis history

January 05, 1955
Elvis performed at the City Auditorium, San Angelo, Texas. Hundreds of teenage girls rushed the stage for autographs. Hayride artists Billy Walker and Jimmy and Johnny and country comic Peach Seed Jones complete the lineup.
January 05, 1956
A five year partnership deal was signed between Hill and Range Music and Elvis Music, Inc.
January 05, 1957
"Love Me" went to #6 in the U.S.
January 05, 1960
Elvis was granted leave from January 5, through January 17. He also got permission to travel to Paris.
January 05, 1961
Elvis signed a three picture deal with MGM.
January 05, 1971
Elvis returned from Dallas to Memphis.
January 05, 2002
Lisa Marie Presley was awarded the Humanitarian Award from The World Literacy Crusade.


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