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January 06, On this day in Elvis history

January 06, 1955
Elvis performed at the Fair Park, Lubbock, Texas.
Probably Elvis recorded his version of Fool Fool Fool and Shake Rattle and Roll today at the local radio station KDAV as promotion for the evening's show.
January 06, 1956
Elvis performed at the High School, Randolph, Mississippi.
January 06, 1957
Elvis performed at the Ed Sullivan Show, Maxine Elliot Theater, West Thirty-ninth Street, at 8.00 p.m. His final appearance on the show
Elvis wore the same velvet shirt he wore in Tupelo, with a gold lame vest given to him as a Christmas present by Barbara Hearn. Elvis sung Don't Be Cruel and  Peace In The Valley too. Elvis was shot only from the waist up and at the conclusion of the show Elvis was thanked by Ed Sullivan by telling the audience: "this is a real decent, fine boy. We want to say that we've never had a pleasanter experience with a big name than we've had with you". After the show Elvis took the midnight train back to Memphis.
January 06, 1961
There was a birthday party for Elvis on the set of Wild In The Country. Cast and crew presented him with a plaque saying "Happy Birthday, King Karate."
January 06, 1967
The barn behind Graceland was renovated to accommodate the many new horses. Soon it would be named: the House of the Rising Sun.
January 06, 1969
Elvis met with Felton Jarvis at Graceland. Unlike always, there was the suggestion to use Chips Moman's American Studio at 827 Thomas Street in Memphis. Since George Klein, Marty Lacker and Red West had connections there and Elvis liked the idea of recording a few miles from home, the decision was made.
January 06, 1970
Elvis flew to Los Angeles, accompanied by Priscilla and Lisa-Marie, to prepare himself for his upcoming Las Vegas engagement.
January 06, 2004
The Elvis DVD and CD "200 Cadillacs" were released. 

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