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December 20 , On this day in Elvis history

December 20, 1955
RCA re-released the Sun singles That's All Right"/"Blue Moon of Kentucky," "Good Rockin' Tonight"/"I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine," "Milkcow Blues Boogie"/"You're a Heartbreaker," and "Baby Let's Play House"/"I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone."
Elvis picked up his draft notice and went to Sun Records. In the evening Elvis left for Nashville to deliver the Colonel's Christmas present in person: a red Isetta sports car.
Elvis returned to Bad Nauheim at the conclusion of maneuvers. Elisabeth Stefaniak had promised him to come over and work for him as his secretary to help him with the enormous amount of fan mail the Colonel had sent to Germany.
"One Night" hit #4 in the U.S.
Principal photography on Kid Galahad was completed.
Elvis had given Priscilla some pills to help her sleep on her first night. However, she never woke for 2 days. The rest of her vacation was spent seeing the places where Elvis grew up, including attending movies at the Memphian and dining out at Chenault's Drive-In.
Elvis bought 2 horses. One was his Christmas gift to Priscilla. The other was for Jerry Schilling's fiancée, Sandy Kawelo, so that Priscilla had somebody to ride with.
Elvis bought the Colonel a 18 karat gold Accutron calendar wristwatch for $595 and a second one for Tom Diskin. Elvis purchased a new grand piano for Graceland as well today.
Elvis flew home to Memphis and arrived early in the morning. In the evening he went to the movies, like he would do almost every night while he was in Memphis.
Elvis arrived in Los Angeles at 2.17 a.m. and saw a doctor about a rash he had developed on his face and neck. Most likely caused by an allergic reaction to the medication he was taking for an eye infection, but aggravated by the chocolate he ate on the plane. In the afternoon he explained to Jerry that he wanted to return to Washington.
Jerry protested because he had to be back in California for work. Elvis then allowed him to call Sonny West and have him meet them in Washington. He gave Sonny permission to tell Vernon and Priscilla he was safe, but not where he was. On the plane Elvis wrote a letter to President Nixon offering his services in the government's effort to combat illicit drug use.
December 20, 1979
Elvis's song "Santa Clause Is Back In Town" hit #41 in the U.K. The song was originally released in 1957.

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