miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

December 19 , On this day in Elvis history

Elvis went shopping in Memphis. He visited the jewelry store in the Peabody and the Lansky Brothers. In the evening Elvis attended a charity show in Memphis featuring an all-star wrestling program.
Elvis received an informal word from Memphis draft board chairman Milton Bowers, that his induction notice had been drawn and was waiting for him.
Priscilla arrived on a flight from Germany under the name Priscilla Fisher. She was picked up at the airport Idlewild in New York by Vernon and Dee. They accompanied her to Memphis. Elvis picked her up at his father's house. He wanted to show her Graceland for the first time by himself. He drove her past the annual Christmas display in the lawn, including the life-size Nativity scene that is still in use today.
Elvis was interviewed by the Memphis Commercial Appeal and talked about Christmas time as well as in the past as in the present: "Everything is so dreamy when you are young. After you grow up it kind of becomes just real."
Vernon and Priscilla tried to confront Elvis over his spending habits. Elvis became furious and left Graceland. He went to the airport and on board a plane for Washington D.C. Here, he checked into the Hotel Washington and tried to get in touch with Joyce Bova. Shortly after, he left to fly on to LA via Dallas. Here Elvis called his limousine driver, Gerald Peters, and Jerry Schilling to arrange to meet him in LA. However he warned them not to tell anyone where he was.

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