lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

September 23, On This day in Elvis history

September 23, 1955
Elvis attended a show by the Blackwood Brothers at Ellis Auditorium in Memphis. 
When James Blackwood discovered that Elvis bought his own ticket to get in , he set
 his apologies along with a refund.
September 23, 1956
Elvis flew to Memphis, together with Nick Adams and Gene Smith. On this trip he used
 the name Clint Reno, just like the character from his last movie, Love Me Tender.
In the evening Elvis was seen at the Memphis Fairgrounds with Nick Adams.
September 23, 1963
Back home in Memphis Elvis went to the Memphian almost every night to watch some films.
September 23, 1964
Elvis had a chest X ray and some blood tests and again didn't attend the movies. His schedule
 for Los Angeles was delayed.
September 23, 1970
Elvis returned to Memphis, where he watched a movie at the Crosstown, before leaving for
 Los Angeles the next day.
September 23, 1973
In the mobile recording truck RCA had sent to Elvis home in Palm Springs the recording continued
 from 7.00 p.m. till 3.15 a.m. with Elvis completing Are You Sincere and I Miss You. RCA just got 
enough for one album now.

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