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Laurel records in elvis history- Tony Sepe


Elvis with Tony Sepe in 1956. Italian born Tony Sepe was a record mogul, composer and producer and was the owner of the small independent label Laurel Records and Domain records. Vince Everett owned Laurel records in Jailhouse Rock.

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in 1974 Tony Sepe co-wrote with Barry White and Peter Radcliffe the hit "You're the First, the Last, My Everything" which was released by A Schroeder Music.


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Barry White was inspired to become involved in the music business whilst in prison in 1961 when he heard Elvis Presley singing "It's now or never" on the radio. That song was co-written by Aaron Schroeder.



In 1970 Barry White recorded the Mac Davis song "In the Ghetto" which had the year before been a worldwide smash for Elvis. He recorded it under the name Gene West, which was partially the name of Elvis High school friend, Robert Gene West (Red)

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