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1957 Elvis Presley's Girl From Biloxi

1957Elvis Presley's Girl From Biloxi

June Juanico and Elvis Presley

June Juanico and Elvis Presley

Elvis picked her out from the crowd at his concert in 1955 at Keesler Air Force Base, near Biloxi, Mississippi, Elvis was love struck with the local girl June Juanico.

It was almost a year before the pair were to renew their acquaintance. That day came in May 1956. Elvis was spending what was only his second night in a new family home on Audubon Drive. June, in Memphis for a week's holiday, was among the crowds that had come to the house to get a glimpse of their iconic star. Soon, the pair picked up where they had left off, becoming pretty much inseparable as Elvis showed her to his friends.

June's independent spirit marked her out from other girls, and she was never happy just to hang on his every word. The anticipated marriage never took place, but Gladys Presley could see how much June meant to her son. "You know," she said, "I've never seen my boy so taken with a girl

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