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In October 1968, Elvis’s gold Caddy raised big money in Australia


In October 1968, Elvis's gold Caddy raised big money in Australia
In its October 9,1968, issue, Variety reported that, "One of the biggest long-running attractions to hit Australia is not 
even a person but a car—Elvis' Gold Cadillac." Bill Walsh, general manager for RCA Victor Records in the Southwest
 Pacific area, had arranged with Colonel Parker for Presley's car to be brought to Australia for a year-long tour to benefit
 the charitable causes of the Benevolent Society of New South Wales.
The auto arrived in Sydney on January 19, 1968. By October more than 400,000 Aussies had viewed the car at the admission
 charge of 30¢, for a total of $128,000. By the end of its tour, the total take was expected to be $165,000. Parker had insisted 
that "every single cent that came in was to go to the Society," and that there were to be no expenses charged against it, either.
The largest crowd to see the car had been at Sydney's Royal Easter Show in April. It drew 22,500 curiosity seekers. 
By October the car had visited all of eastern Australia, with upcoming visits planned for Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth.
 The car was being transported in a special truck donated by a car agency.
With Elvis's Caddy drawing so many fans, just imagine the crowds that would have come out to see Elvis himself had he 
ever chosen to tour Australia.


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