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September 16, On This day in Elvis history

September 16, 1955
Elvis performed at the City Auditorium, Asheville, North Carolina.
September 16, 1961
Elvis's single "Wild In The Country/I Feel So Bad" hit #4 in the U.K.
September 16, 1963
Elvis received some song suggestions for his next film, Kissin' Cousins. The songs were picked out by Gene Nelson.
September 16, 1966
Elvis leased the estate at 1350 Ladera Circle, Palm Springs, California for one year for $21,000. 
Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis's manager, lived in the neighborhood and he thought that it would be the perfect place 
for Elvis to relax, entertain his friends and escape from Hollywood. It is commonly known as "The Honeymoon Hideaway",
 because this is where Elvis and Priscilla spent their wedding night after their May 1, 1967 wedding.  Allegedly, 
the next day Elvis went to United Artists in L.A. to finish "Clambake" and then hurried back to Palm Springs the same evening.
September 16, 1967
Elvis's single "There's Always Me" hit #56 in the U.S.
September 16, 1971
Elvis bought 2 guns from Kerr's Sports Shop.
September 16, 1972
Elvis left Las Vegas, returned to Los Angeles, where he would remain for almost 2 weeks.
September 16, 1973
Elvis finally had Sonny West call the Colonel. Sonny didn't overhear the conversation, but no matter what, 
the problem seemed to be solved. Elvis then left for Palm Springs.
September 16, 1974
Elvis went to the Tennessee Karate Institute to put on an exhibition with Red. Elvis was accompanied by 
Linda.Bill Wallace and Dave Hebler  flew to Memphis for the filming of the karate movie Elvis was working on at the time.
 On September 16, 1974 the world heavyweight karate champion Bill Wallace was promoted to the fourth degree
 black belt and Elvis gave him a trophy for the occasion
September 16, 2003
Elvis Presley's estate closed Elvis Presley's Memphis restaurant/nightclub. The venture had been open for 6 years.

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