lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

RCA New York, Monday, July 2, 1956

Tom Parker, RCA President Frank Folsom, Elvis and RCA mascot, Nipper!
RCA New York, Monday, July 2, 1956, taken at RCA's offices in NYC ( RCA's East 24th Street Studio (155 East 24th Street), which is now owned by Baruch College )
just before he went into the recording studio to cut Hound Dog and Don't Be Cruel. ...
Photos like this go a long way towards understanding Elvis' relationship with Tom Parker. At 21 years of age, and not far removed from living in public housing, here he is meeting the biggest of the bigwigs. The Colonel delivered in a big way in 1956, fulfilling the promises he'd made to Elvis and his parents. It is understandable that Elvis would feel a strong sense of loyalty, and gratitude.

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Logan Xavier dijo...

Where did you find these images? Frank Folsom is my great grandfather. I would love a high res version of these.