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Love Me Tender 2

Mr Presley has an electric fascination for the girls in the commissary,ninety percent of them are teenagers related to studio executives, they have wrangled their way into the studio for lunch. They sit starring in awe, as Mr Presley prepares to eat. He walks from table to table chatting,shaking hands and signing autographs.
Photo's above  taken in the Commissary - Cafe De Paris,20th Century Studios,August 24th 1956

August 24 1956
20th Century Fox Stage 1 - Hollywood, California
Soundtrack Session for "Love Me Tender"
20th Century Fox Music Producer : Lionel Newman
Arranger and vocal supervisor : Ken Darby
Engineers : Bob Mayer / Ken Runyon
Edward B. Powell : Orchestration

1.00pm - 6.00pm


Backup Vocals: The Ken Darby Trio: Rad Robinson; Jon Dodson; Charles Prescott

Guitar : Vito Mumolo
Bass : Micheal "Myer" Rubin
Drums : Richard Cornell
Banjo : Luther Rountree
Accordion : Dom Frontieri

We're Gonna Move
Poor Boy
Love Me Tender
We're Gonna Move ('Men's Chorus' Overdub)
We're Gonna Move ('Hand Claps' Overdub)
Poor Boy (Instrumental)
Producer Lionel Newman,Red Robinson,Elvis,John Dodson and Ken Darby.
Guitarist Vito Mumolo with back to camera,Ken Darby,Elvis,Charles Prescott,Red Robinson,Jon Dodson with sheet music,and Micheal "Myer" Rubin holding the double Bass.
In this photo,Elvis can be seen holding a piece of card containing the title of the number at the time of the recording,which was 'There's a leak in this ole Building'(see below as the title was later changed to 'Were Gonna Move') and the lyrics written out in pen.
Foreground left and sitting on chairs are Luther Rountree on rhythm guitar,Vito Mumolo on acoustic lead guitar( both with back to camera),Producer Lionel Newman stood clicking his fingers as Elvis reads the words to the number.The Ken Darby singers - Charles Prescott,Red Robinson,Jon Dodson(masked) and Ken Darby. Micheal "Myer" Rubin can now be seen holding the double Bass.
Elvis is left of frame with the boom microphone above him,The Ken Darby singers Charles Prescott,Red Robinson,Jon Dodson are at their microphone postion. Ken Darby looks on,as Lionel Newman clicks to the beat. right of frame the musicians can be seen clearly,Vito Mumolo on acoustic lead guitar,sat in classical concert postion with Micheal "Myer" Rubin on the double Bass. Luther Rountree is sitting down on rhythm guitar,with Richard Cornell using a stool instead of the drum kit behind him.
Darby's trio took its place at one mike and Elvis went over to another,they were ready for a take.The red light went on at the stage door,music conductor Newman counted 'one-two-three, and the music started beating. Elvis got the downbeat from Darby and started singing 'There's a leak in this old building'.He kept the beat with his body,slowly moving back and forth .There was no hand-clapping,foot-stomping,or finger-snapping. Elvis moved slowly,his arms leading his long,wiry frame,back and forth in tempo. It gave everyone the urge to rock with the beat to clap hands with the tempo,even the walls were aching to shake. When the number was completed,all the crew clapped the hands,every face wore a smile.

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