martes, 8 de julio de 2014

Dale Earnhardt--Elvis Presley Race Car

Mooresville, N.C., home of Dale Earnhardt, Inc. can you see the Dale Earnhardt-Elvis Presley Race Car. Saturday was the last day to see the car before it is shipped to Graceland to be placed in the Car Museum. 
 Everything in this building is either glass or mirrors . It is a gorgeous huge building.
The car is in the Foyer__behind Dale's pictures is a very large room with all of the race cars that belonged to Dale.
Front hood of the car
Side view
Other side of the race car (it was hard to get back far enough on this side of the car)
This is the guitar that has been put up for auction to benefit  charities of Earnhardt & Presley Companies. The auction is on ebay and it started at $ 6.000.00. It is housed in a large glass case. There are a quite a few Elvis items in the case as well.
Black leather jacket Elvis wore in one of the race car movies
Orange jumpsuit Elvis wore in another race car movie
There were many of the clothes that Elvis wore during the filming and free time he had while making the race car movies.

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