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March 17, 1956 in New York. Backstage at CBS Studios, New York.
May 15, 1956 - Ellis Auditorium in Memphis
On May 15 Elvis played a show at the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis to a full house. They had to open up both the North Hall and the South Hall to accommodate all 7.000 fans. Elvis, clad in a violently green jacket, did a great show singing such hit songs as "Heartbreak Hotel," "Long Tall Sally," "Blue Suede Shoes," "I Was The One" and "Only You," during which he turned toward the dressing rooms instead of to his audience. Many a teenage girl wondered if he sang the song for Carolyn Joseph from Columbia, Mo., with whom he was later seen holding hands.
June 30, 1956 - Richmond,Va
Russwood Park,Memphis, July 4, '56
Press-Scimitar short review/article on the show
St. Joseph's Hospital in Memphis on Friday, July 6, 1956.
That's what 12-year-old Ellen Marie Mincey, 1030 Floyd Road, shouted when Elvis visited her at St. Joseph's Hospital yesterday. Ellen, who was hurt in an auto wreck Wednesday which prevented her from going to the Elvis Presley Jamboree, was asleep when Elvis got there. He knelt beside her and woke her up. Elvis visited with Ellen and her mother, Mrs. Robert Mincey, (right), also injured in the wreck, for 20 minutes. Ellen and her mother suffered cuts and bruises in a creash when returning home from a picnic to get ready to go to the Presley show. The last thing Ellen said before she lapsed into unconsciousness was, "Oh, I'm going to miss Elvis." She missed him, but said his visit yesterday more than made up for it. Press-Scimitar Staff Photo by George Maros

Elvis backstage at WDIA Goodwill Revue, Memphis, December 7, 1956
December 11, 1956 - ran out of gas on Madison in Memphis7

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