lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

December 1st 1955 RCA's Twenty-fourth Street studio

Wednesday 30th November 1955 : Elvis and the Colonel fly to New York, where they register at the Hotel Victoria on Fifty--first Street.
Elvis was in new York December 1st 1955 to meet with the Colonel and RCA executives, including president Larry Kanaga and publicity director Anne Fulchino. A photo shoot has been arranged and pictures of Elvis and the Colonel, Elvis and Steve Sholes and Elvis and fellow RCA recording artists Eddy Arnold who happened to be in New York for a session. The photo's are taken in RCA's Twenty-fourth Street studio, along with posed action shots that will be used on the back of Elvis' first album.

New York City 1955

Colonel Parker,Eddy Arnold,Elvis and Steve Sholes
Steve Sholes and Elvis
RCA Victor artist Eddy Arnold and Elvis

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