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Love Me Tender 1

Some pics from the Love Me Tender Recording Sessions.
Elvis arrives in Hollywood on the evening of Thursday August 16th 1956.

Rehearsals for the Soundtrack recording -
Monday 20th/Tuesday 21st/Wednesday 22nd August 1956.
20th Century Fox Studios
Ken Darby's office/bungalow
Ken Darby : When Elvis came on the lot to start the movie,we invited him to listen to them and choose a melody for the theme song of his new picture. He listened and selected one particular melody. It was an instant decision. He knows what he likes when he hears it,he can feel a melody and make it his own instantaneously. "This is the one" he said,and I took it home to my wife. She is a composer in her own right,and she came up with the title"Love Me Tender". It didn't take Vera more than an evening to write a few stanzas<,then the draft was brought back to Elvis
Ken Darby and Elvis

Ken Darby : He(Elvis) adjusted the music and the lyrics to his own particular presentation. Elvis has the most terrific ear of anyone I have ever met. He does not read music,but he does not need to. All I had to do was play the song for him once,and he made it his own! He has perfect judgment of what is right for him. He exercised that judgment when he chose 'Love Me Tender' as his theme song.
Trude Forsher,Colonel Parker's west coast secretary pictured with Elvis,Fox Studios,August/September 1956.

Trude Forsher diary notes 1956 : For the week that followed, Ken Darby and Elvis worked on the song,the atmosphere in the bungalow was conducive to intensive work,it was a serene place,surrounded by trees,away from the main throughfare of stages and traffic.Elvis spent his days with Ken Darby at the bungalow. They also had to choose some hoedown numbers and spirituals to be featured in the picture.

On the set of Love Me Tender. Scotty Moore,Elvis, Neal Mattews,Richard Egan,Bill Black,D.J. Fontana,Gordon Stokers,Hoyt Hawkins,Hugh Jarrett.
Thursday morning August 23rd 1956 - Stage 3 : Elvis has his measurements taken by the wardrobe department,their arms filled with civil war uniforms. Elvis has discussions with the script department

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