lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

Getting his Honarary Police Badge


Getting his Honarary Police Badge in Denver Colorado on November 17, 1970 before his concert at the Coliseum

Top colour photo from George in Denver
The caption below the colour photo on George's blog reads, "Dad with Elvis, circa '69 or '70. Elvis holds the Honorary Lieutenants badge my father presented to him".

For your information: Elvis Presley was fascinated with cops and the trappings of cops. While my father may have given him an honorary Lieutenants badge in probably '69 or '70, after my father retired, Elvis returned to Denver and the cops fawned all over the King - resulting in Elvis giving select officers brand new Cadillacs and Lincolns. Elvis was very generous. One short anecdote. The day Elvis met with my father, my father came home and, laughing like hell, related that Elvis spent the day kissing one woman after another -- mostly police department clerks and secretarys -- right on the lips.

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