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July 18, 1946
The Presley family moved to Commerce Street in Tupelo, MS. They had not been able to make their house payments on Berry Street.

July 18, 1953
Elvis privately recorded "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" at the Memphis Recording Service. The office manager left a note for Sam Phillips that Elvis was a "good ballad singer."

July 18, 1960
"It's Now Or Never" was released.

July 18, 1969

The rehearsals for opening night in Las Vegas began.
July 18, 1975
Elvis performed at the Cleveland Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio.

Tour Ref: On Tour number 17 - July 8th - July 24th 1975
Date: July 18 1975
Venue: Cleveland Coliseum
Location: Richfield OH
Showtime: (8:30 pm)
Crowd: 21000
Article *:
Release: The Bob Heis Footage
Length: aprox 30 mins
Suit: Totem Pole
Belt: Red Armadillo belt
Cape: Chicken-bone suit Choker

The Sweet Inspirations: Light Blue Trousers with Light Blue/Green Shirt

JD Sumner and The Stamps Quartet: Black Suit
Musicians: Light Blue Suit

2001 Theme
C C Rider
I Got A Woman
- segued medley with -
Big Boss Man
Love Me
If You Love Me
Love Me Tender
All Shook Up
Teddy Bear
- segued medley with -
Dont Be Cruel
Hound Dog
The Wonder Of You
You Dont Have To Say You Love Me
Burning Love
Band Introductions
Johnny B Goode
( featuring James Burton )
Drum Solo
( featuring Ronnie Tutt )
Bass Solo
( featuring Jerry Scheff )
Piano Solo
( featuring Glen D Hardin )
School Day
Happy Birthday
To Ed Enoch
I Should Have Been Coming
( featuring JD Sumner And The Stamps Quartet )
Why Me Lord ?
Let Me Be There
Heartbreak Hotel
Funny How Time Slips Away
( above song includes 1 false start )
( followed by a reprise of above song )
Little Darlin
Its Now Or Never
Mystery Train
- segued medley with -
Tiger Man
Cant Help Falling In Love
Closing Vamp


© Bob Heis

© Bob Heis

© Bob Heis

© Bob Heis

© Bob Heis

CONCERT DATE: July 14 1975 (8:30 pm). Springfield MA. King Does His Thing: Elvis Shakes 'Em with the Oldies
by Sam Hoffman
Springfield Daily News

They came from near and far, all ages, to see the King do his thing and Elvis Presley didn't disappoint. A capacity audience clapped, shouted, whistled and screamed for the man who made it a night to remember, especially for that group who lived through the '50s.

It was Elvis for a solid 65 minutes on stage at Springfield Civic Center Monday night and if the first of his two-night stints here is any indication of what to expect, tonight's audience will walk away thoroughly savoring the show. The average age of Monday night's audience had to be in the early 30s and some hobbled into the Civic Center with a leg in a cast, ditto an ankle, on crutches, using canes. Even pregnancy failed to keep them away.

A sign in the lobby barring cameras or recording devices was ignored. The very moment Elvis came on stage (9.40 PM), night turned into day, with flashbulbs popping everywhere. It was Fourth of July fireworks all over again. Elvis looked spiffy in a gaucho outfit, with a bit of gold embroidery here and there. Oh yes, those colorful Elvis scarves were also plentiful and they went out to the crowd. Some women received Elvis kisses with them, much to the delight of everyone. There was a mild breakthrough during one of Elvis' numbers when a young girl rushed on stage, past bodyguards and police, and hugged the surprised performers who reciprocated with a hug.

And for those who came to see that famous pelvis in action, Elvis again didn't disappoint, although he confined much of this anatomical exercise to only a few numbers. C.C. Rider and I Got a Woman were program openers with pelvic tremors.

For the most part, however, Elvis stayed away from the latter and stuck to singing some of his oldies, goodies and Goldies; got lots of kissing in and gave away a bag of scarves. Musically (and vocally) Elvis still has it working for him. Please Love Me and If You Love Me Let Me Know were pleasers all the way, the latter being of the country-western flavor. An Elvis biggie of way back when, Love Me Tender brought bouquets of flowers from admirers to the edge of the stage.

For those who remember and will never forget, Elvis did I'm All Shook Up, Let Me Be, Don't Be Cruel, You're Nothing But a Hound Dog, Burning Love and Only Fools Rush In to name a few. Like most Elvis Presley concerts, religious songs are included and Monday night they were Follow Me Jesus and How Great Thou Art.

The opening night audience included sign carriers, lauding their idol with affection. Elvis buttons were plentiful and a number of women wore T-shirts bearing his picture.

Elvis wound it all up with Time Slips Away, Little Darling, Train I Ride and finished with Only Fools Rush In. A few handshakes around the stage and Elvis was whisked away by a cordon of bodyguards to a waiting limousine and an undisclosed hideaway. Was it all worth waiting in line last March in the cold and having to plunk down $10 for a ticket? You'd better believe it.

Courtesy of Scott Hayward

The Concert Years Vol. 6

Recorded live at The Cleveland Coliseum
July 18, 1975 Evening Show. Richfield, OH


Recording: Audience


Sound: below average

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