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1,684 The number of stage shows Elvis performed during his lifetime

1,684 The number of stage shows Elvis performed during his lifetime
As Elvis made multiple tour stops in many American cities, he also performed multiple shows in many cities. Trying to determine the exact number of concerts he performed over his career is nearly impossible. That said, the sources I found put that number at an incredible 1,684.
His one-city, one-engagement record was 63 shows at the Las Vegas Hilton between August 4 and September 4, 1972. In fact, of Elvis 1,684 shows, 767 were performed in Nevada showrooms, either in Las Vegas or Stateline. That still leaves 917 Presley performances that took place in other communities all over the U.S. and Canada.
Houston was one road stop where Elvis often settled in for several days to perform multiple shows. During his 16 tour stops in Houston through the years, Elvis put on 31 shows, most for any city outside of Nevada and Memphis. Atlanta follows close behind with 30 Presley shows in 9 tour stops there.
Elvis Presley's startling tour numbers demonstrate how seemingly endless crowds of people were drawn to him as a live entertainer. His most active year on the road was 1955, when he gave 295 shows in 117 communities. He followed that up during his breakout year of 1956 with 187 shows in 77 towns.
There was a dark side, though, to Elvis's addiction to live audiences. In 1976, at the age of 41, he worked tirelessly on the road—122 concerts in 74 cities. In the first six months of 1977, he kept up the tempo with 54 shows in 49 cities. That frenetic pace certainly contributed to his early death. It's sad that both Elvis and his fans didn't seem to realize that he needed some time away from the stage lights to renew his spirit.

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