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BREAKING NEWS: Lamar Fike passed away.

BREAKING NEWS: Lamar Fike passed away.

Sad news reached us today: Lamar Fike passed away.
Lamar is probably best known to most fans as the 'big' guy
of the former Memphis Mafia. He worked for the King from
1957 to 1977 and even traveled to Germany with him
in 1958. Lamar had a history of health problems. Last
October he was taken to the hospital with breathing
difficulties. More details later.

Lamar Fike Dies Aged '75

Saturday, 22 January 2011 18:36
Written by EpGold
The following is an official announcement as made by Marty Lacker on authorisation of Lamar Fike's family...
"I have the unfortunate task of officially sadly announcing the passing of Lamar Fike as authorized by his cousin Tommy McDonald who was very close to Lamar and was with him daily in his hospital room in Arlington,Texas. Lamar passed away very peacefully last night, Friday, January 21.
Lamar had been hospitalized since last October 14th and then transferred to the physical therapy wing of the hospital.
Unfortunately he did not improve and was sent back to the hospital about a month ago.
Outside of Red West, Lamar was with Elvis the longest and he remained close to him until Elvis' passing. Lamar was also very close to Elvis' mother.
Lamar's wishes to be cremated will be carried out and the Brown, Owen, Brumley Funeral Home, Ft.Worth are handling his funeral.
A memorial service will be held in Mart, Texas, one of Lamar's boyhood homes at a date to be announced. He was born in Cleveland, Mississippi on November 11,1935.
Those of us in the Memphis Mafia who remained his friend are greatly saddened by the loss of yet another member of our close group. May God Bless his Soul and may he Rest In Peace".
Marty Lacker.

Lamar Fike was born in Cleveland, Mississippi in 1935 and moved to Memphis in 1957. He met Elvis in 1954 and would begin working for him in 1957.
He would travelled with him for years and then later on he would find himself running the Hill and Range office in Nashville which housed Elvis' publishing companies.
During Elvis' concert tours, Lamar became the lighting director and remained with Elvis until his death in 1977.

Published: january 22nd 2011 12:31 PM.
Source: Andrew Hearn / Published by: ElvisMatters - David Hamal .


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