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August, 1969: The King is back



"Elvis Presley made his first public stage appearance anywhere in eight years last night when he opened a four week engagement at the International Hotel...It is 13 years since Elvis worked LV. His previous and only appearance in our town was at the old Frontier Hotel on a bill head-lined by Shecky Greene...Shecky opened Wednesday in the Riveria's Starlite Theatre...On the bill with Elvis at Elvis' insistence is hot comic Sammy Shore...Shecky and Sammy once worked as a comedy team. Shecky subbed for Sammy at a downstairs joint across from the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans in the early '50s. Sheck went in for two weeks and stayed two years. Two years ago, Greene returned the favor by putting Shore into the Riviera Versaille Room. Sammy's career has been "straight up" ever since, capped by his recent Flamingo stint with Tom Jones. Small world, isn't it?

We predict that Elvis will have his more enthusiastic followers walking around asking, "Tom Who?" and "Englebert Who?" when comparison are attempted. Streisand's record at the International will be broken...Elvis represents the finest effort by that master promoter, Col. Tom Parker. Of course, the "product" was there. If not, it would have been just one around. Elvis is very much for real. Elvis is here to stay."

Joe Delaney
Las Vegas Sun
Aug. 1, 1969

Sun file photo
Elvis Presley signs a contract to perform at the soon to be completed International Hotel. His first performance was July 31, 1969.












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