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The Guy Who Beat Up James Burton's Son Jeff

METRO REPORTER - 19th May, 2011

Elvis Presley lookalike spared jail after giving fellow act 'severe beating'

Michael Cawthray, a jealous Elvis Presley impersonator, has been spared jail after giving a musician a 'severe beating' at a convention.

Elvis Presley impersonator Michael Cawthray was spared jail

Michael Cawthray punched and kicked star US act Jeff Burton after he found his wife leaving the performer's hotel room after January's European Elvis Championships in Birmingham.

The attack left Burton – the son of Presley's guitarist James Burton – with a broken nose, bruising and swelling to his face, shoulders and body, a court heard.

Cawthray told police he lashed out because Mr. Burton was 'trying it on' with his wife. 'I felt very hurt about the situation, any man would,' he told them.

But he admitted he saw nothing inappropriate happen between Mr. Burton and his wife, Sioned, who claims she went to his suite to thank him for his performance.

The 43-year-old of Rhos-on-Sea, north Wales, admitted assault at an earlier hearing and was yesterday sentenced to a three-month jail sentence, suspended for a year at Warwick crown court.

Judge John Phillips also ordered him to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and pay £750 in compensation to Mr. Burton who feared he had sustained 'permanent facial damage' at the time of the attack.

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