domingo, 15 de junio de 2014

Puppy Dog" Elvis Bit Charlotte Reporter in 1956

The Charlotte Observer reported the following incident in its June 29, 1956, edition. It seems Elvis was sitting in his "baby blue" limousine after his Thursday night show in Charleston, South Carolina, when a girl reporter for The News and Courier approached his car to take a picture. Apparently, she was after a closeup. She was so close that Elvis was able to stick his head out and bite her hand.
Many girls probably would have enjoyed being bitten by Elvis. This reporter was not one of them. "Hey, you big bruiser, what's the idea?" she asked him. "You trying to make like Marlon Brando or something."
"I was only being friendly, like a little puppy dog," Elvis responded.
The reporter told Elvis it was the first time anyone had ever bitten her as a sign of friendship. "Lady, if you want to get ahead, you gotta be different," explained Elvis. It was a different era. No lawsuit was filed.

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