domingo, 15 de junio de 2014

King Creole

Thanks to the film " King Creole "Elvis stole some critics praise for a role of dramatic content. It is ironic that even with more songs than his two previous films "King Creole" earned much less, perhaps because of the hardness of the story to tell, about a rebellious misfit. Elvis liked the idea because he thought it was very much in line with the characters popularized by Brando , and was not entirely wrong. Although, in fact, had written to James Dean . If the promising actor had not been killed on Sept. 55 to board the brand new Porsche Spyder he affectionately called "Little Bastard" starring Elvis had never "King Creole" . This original project is what explains that in front of it is none other than Michael Curtiz, director and other classic Casablanca. A Hall B. Wallis cost to convince the veteran filmmaker who agree to meet Presley, and he was not willing to stoop to address the typical teen entertainment vehicle. The fi nal accepted, was working the boy and liked him full of enthusiasm for starring in a film that would enable it to demonstrate its potential as an actor. In fact, Curtiz came to feel some affection for Elvis, and helped him so much during filming that, once completed, the singer, always humble and grateful, he said: "Mr. Curtiz, now I know how to work a real director."

Pending that FTD rush once and for all as God intended review of the soundtrack favorite movie of all Elvis fans, we have to make do with bootlegs like us today, published by the house Cajun in 2008. Today I bring you, Antendo an old friend called Tito, acting without loss and with the full booklet included. Possibly the most complete version has been done to date for this soundtrack. So you know, "If you're looking for trouble ..."

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