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movie trivia from Change of Habit

Some movie trivia from Change of Habit

Elvis' co-stars incuded Mary Tyler Moore, singer Barbara McNair, and Jane Elliot (in her film debut). Ed Asner appeared again (his film debut was in "Kid Galahad") and would co-star with Mary Tyler Moore in her television show
The Blossoms, who provided backing vocals for Elvis' 1968 TV Special, appeared in "Change of Habit"
Mahalia Jackson, the gospel singer much-admired by Elvis, visited Elvis on the set.
Exteriors were shot at locations including the area around Fifth and Main in downtown Los Angeles (certainly not a garden spot when I first saw it in 1985) and in a park near Universal Studios.
A dozen large rats used in a ghetto scene escaped and the sound stage had to be evacuated until animal handlers could round them up
In one scene a bus goes past with the station ID of a Los Angeles radio station, though the film is set in New York City
Elvis' character, Dr John Carpenter, was a name Elvis adopted as an alias when avoiding the crush of press and fans who would otherwise get wind of a hotel reservation or similar
Elvis' character was from Shelby County, Tennessee (which includes Memphis) and wore a University of Tennessee Medical School (located in Memphis) sweatshirt
Before general release, "Change of Habit" was shown to psychologists specializing in the treatment of autism in Los Angeles and San Jose.

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