domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

FW: [keesje] an Elvis fact ( from Linda lee)

Sam Phillips started Sun Studios in February of 1952. The Sun Studios logo, a rooster against a sun, was designed by a commercial artist from Beale Street. Shortly after starting Sun Records, Sam was sued by the Sun - Ray Company from Albuquerque, New Mexico for the use of the name Sun. Sam Won!!!

  The Sun Records warehouse was operated by Sam Phillip's older brother, Thomas. He took care of inventory, shipping and returns.
  The first Sun Records were pressed on March 27, 1952. The 45 and 78 rpm records first produced by Sun in the 1950's were pressed by companies such as Plastic Products, located at 1746 Chelsa Avenue in Memphis. Their phone number was 35 -7160.

En 1968 el sello Sun dejó de existir, tras haber editado 226 singles, más 71 bajo la marca filial Phillips International formada en 1957 y otros ocho en la marca Filp fundada en 1955.

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