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Milton Berle Show rehearsal at NBC Studios

June 4, 1956, on Milton Berle Show rehearsal at NBC Studios, and June 5, 1956 when the TV show was aired.
NBC Studios,Burbank 1955.

NBC-TV Milton Berle - Comedy
June 5th 8.00 to 9.00pm (Est)
Elvis Presley - the new singing sensation
Debra Paget - who will sing and dance
Arnold Stang - as Francis (comedian)
Irish McCalla - who plays in the Sheena series
Les Baxter and Orchestra - with his No.1 hit 'The Poor People of Paris'
Barry Gordon
Victor Young conductor
Sponsored by RCA
PHOTOGRAPHER : Stewart Sawyer

Irish McCalla the exotic looking star the of TV series 'Sheenah Queen Of The Jungle' jokes with Elvis Presley backstage.

The guests on Berle's show attended several days of rehearsals in preparation for the live broadcast but Presley was unable to attend the first day because he was performing somewhere on the East Coast. Debra Paget, was also appearing on the show, and when Elvis arrived she and Irish sat out front in the audience with all of the dancers to watch as he came in. Irish's immediate impression was that he didn't look any different from the guys back home in Nebraska where she grew up ("I thought he was another 'in-joke' or something.") When Presley smiled, however, she saw something boyish and shy in that smile that reminded her of James Dean and she said that it made her want to "ruffle his hair". When the music started and Presley began singing Irish turned to Debra Paget and said, "It's a good beat, but what's he singing about... a hound dog?" Paget, obviously a fan, was entranced and replied laughingly, "Who cares!" Irish said that it was obvious to her even then that Presley could sing the first page of the dictionary and the girls would still go wild. Over the next couple of days she got to know him better and learned to love the rhythmic music and Presley's voice as well. She was somewhat astonished and delighted when Presley told her that he was a big fan of hers because he had seen Sheena on television ("I showed him Tahitian dancing and how it differed from his rock and roll. He was a real nice kid"). Irish also remembered that the dancers were all over him and he loved it.

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