jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011

September 1, 1957—A Unique Day in Elvis’s Concert Career

September 1, 1957—A Unique Day in Elvis's Concert Career
One September day was like no other in Elvis's career as a live performer. On September 1, 1957, Elvis was in two countries and three cities. And he performed on stage in two different cities on the same day for one of the few times in his career.
He started the day in Vancouver, B.C., where he had performed the night before. A morning train took him across the border to Seattle, where he arrived at the King Street Station at about noon. After quickly checking into the Olympic Hotel, Elvis was whisked by limousine 35 miles south along Interstate 5 to Tacoma for a 2 p.m. press conference and concert.
By 4:30 p.m. he was back on the road to Seattle. In his room at the Olympic, he had a little time to relax before heading to Sicks' Seattle Stadium for another press conference and concert starting at 8 p.m. After returning late to his hotel room, Elvis grabbed a few hours sleep before catching an early train the next day for his Labor Day concert in Portland, Oregon. Even at age 22, for Elvis September 1, 1957, must have been an exhausting day.

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