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September 04, 1948
Elvis filled in the blank lines of his parent's marriage certificate with his own name and that of "Magdline" Morgan, a girl he knew from church. He wrote in September 11th as the date of their marriage. This all was a big surprise, 50 years later, to Magdalene, when she heard about it. She commended: " It was just a very sweet relationship. At that time, if you just held hands, it was very serious. And we did hold hands a lot".
September 04, 1956
The music for Elvis' new movie, Love Me Tender, was recorded at the 20th Century Fox soundstage.
September 04, 1962
Elvis arrived in Seattle for location shooting for It Happened At The World's Fair. He checked into a suite on the 14th floor at the Doric New Washington Hotel. He was accompanied by Gene And Billy Smith, Alan Fortas, Red West, Ray Sitton and Joe Esposito. Two friends from Memphis, Richard Davis and Jimmy Kingsley, were hired as extra security, but at the end of their stay they were regular members of the group.
September 04, 1963
The rehearsals and filming for the dance in Viva Las Vegas began today and lasted 2 days. The setting was a nightclub in Vegas and first Elvis and Ann-Margret danced to a version of The Climb but then Elvis got up stage bursting out into What'd I Say?
September 04, 1964
Elvis's single "Such A Night" hit #13 in the U.K.
September 04, 1972
Elvis was present at a press conference with both the Colonel as well as the RCA president. There was the announcement of the Aloha from Hawaii show, January 14th, the next year. Elvis left all the official business to the Colonel and the only thing he said was: It's my favorite past of the business, a live concert.
That evening Elvis closed his Las Vegas engagement.

September 4, 1972 Closing Show. Las Vegas, NV.

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From The Collection of S.E.
(c) Photographer unknown.

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From The Collection of S.E.
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From The Collection of S.E.
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September 04, 1973
Just been fired by Elvis the other night, the Colonel and Elvis kept their argument going. Elvis however was a little stressed who to turn to for a manager. The Colonel however, carried on as usual.
In the meantime Elvis had flown in a gospel quartet from Nashville, with Donnie Sumner and Sherrill Nielsen. The idea to presented them to Tom Jones, but it didn't work out with Tom Jones. Elvis, however, liked their singing and he hired them for $100,000 a year as his personal backup group. He called them Voice.
September 04, 1976
Elvis performed at the Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida, at 2.30 and 8.30 p.m.

September 04, 1982
The album "Romantic Elvis/Rockin' Elvis" hit #62 in the U.S.

September 4, 1976. (2:30 pm) Lakeland, FL.

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Date: 04 Sep 1976
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Lakeland, FL.
Civic Center
Tickets: 8,000
Costume: Bicentennial (blue) Suit
Track list: Also Sprach Zarathustra
See See Rider
I Got A Woman/Amen
Love Me
If You Love Me
You Gave Me A Mountain
All Shook Up
Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel
How Great THou Art
Jailhouse Rock
[band introductions]
Early Morning Rain
What'd I Say
Johnny B. Goode
Love Letters
School Days
Hound Dog
Funny How Time Slips Away
Can't Help Falling In Love

Recordings: 0

September 4, 1976. (8:30 pm) Lakeland, FL.

(c) Keith Alverson


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