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September 05, 1954
Elvis made his first and last appearance at the Grand Ole Opry.
September 05, 1955
Elvis performed at the St. Francis County Fair and Livestock Show Jamboree, Smith Stadium, Forrest City, Arkansas. Elvis was the main act on a 5-day tour with Johnny Cash, Bud Deckelman, Floyd Cramer and Eddie Bond. Back in 1954 Elvis auditioned once for Eddie Bond without success. Gladys Presley was sitting behind the trailer on which Elvis performed.
September 05, 1956
There was a recording session in the 20th Century Fox soundstage for the film Love Me Tender. Elvis continued to work on the vocals for a new song, Let Me, and another verse for the song Poor Boy.
September 05, 1957
Elvis made a start with his Christmas album which Steve Sholes wanted for some time now. This all took place at Radio Recorders and he also recorded 3 songs for single release. Including Treat Me Nice. The regular Hollywood musicians were joined by Millie Kirkham and the Jordanaires from 12.00 to 8.00 p.m.
September 05, 1962
The principal photography began at the Monorail terminal of the Seattle World's Fair. A very young Kurt Russel was part of the scene. He had to kick Elvis in the shin.
September 05, 1970

Elvis performed at International Hotel Midnight (12.00am)
After all the troubles and threats, Elvis tried to reassemble the whole gang. So he has made up gold ID bracelets for all the guys with their nickname on the back. The costs were $1,486.50 and the jewelry was bought from Sol Schwartz and Lee Ableser in Beverly Hills.
September 05, 1975
Earlier this week Elvis was hospitalised. Not only for fatigue, but more important, according to Dr. Nick, for his depressed state of mind, his intestinal and bowel problems, his liver and a high cholesterol count. A couple of nurses agreed to give Elvis around the clock care. For this special care Elvis had a Pontiac delivered at the hospital for Mrs. Cocke's special attention.
September 05, 1976
Elvis performed at the Mississippi State Fair Civic Center, Jackson, Mississippi.
September 05, 1993
The Elvis five-CD boxed set "The King Of Rock'n'Roll - The Complete 50's Masters" hit #159 in the U.S. September 05, 2001
"Junichiro Koizumi Presents - My Favorite Elvis Songs" was released exclusively in Japan. The collection of Elvis Presley songs were picked by Japan's prime minister. September 05, 2006
The Elvis two CD and one DVD set "Essential" was released in Australia.


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