martes, 17 de mayo de 2011


LAS VEGAS, February 3, 1970:
 "He plays rhythm guitar, his name is John Rhythm, no, John Wilkinson..."

LAS VEGAS, August 20, 1970, M.S.:

"The Gentlemen in the back are the Inspirations' husbands...the Imperials..."


LAS VEGAS, August 12, 1972, M.S.:
"Say hello to Voice...Hello Voice!"
LAS VEGAS, August 28, 1972, D.S.:  
"Those of you who have never seen me in person, don't expect too much, because I don't work too much..."

LAKE TAHOE, May 10, 1973, M.S.:

 "I`m Leavin'. No, no, it's the name of the song..." Elvis says, trying to calm the audience."


LAS VEGAS, September 3, 1973, C.S.:  
"Myrna Smith and J.D. Sumner had a very mad affair, when their wives and husbands found out, there was fur and skin flying everywhere..."
LAS VEGAS, January 28, 1974, D.S:
 As Elvis' mike keeps squeaking, he sings, "...oh don't let a good show die, oh dry the tears..."
LAS VEGAS, February 7, 1974, M.S.: 
 "This is the suit I wore in Paradise, Hawaiian Style, I mean Aloha..."
LAS VEGAS, February 7, 1974, D.S.:  
"The guy that chases me around the stage, and ah, gives me my scarves, his name is Charlie Hodge..."
LAS VEGAS, February 7, 1974, DINNER SHOW.: 
 "I light up when you call my name, Elvis!" he screams.
LAS VEGAS, February 7, 1974, D.S.:
"The sound system is frying again. I'm glad the show's almost over. Ah... I don't mean this show, I mean the engagement. I've got to go up and rework the sound system. I used to be an electrician."

LAS VEGAS, February 9, 1974, C.S.:

 On introducing Bill Cosby, Elvis says, "Fat Albert and the whole gang's here..."


PHILADELPHIA, June 23, 1974, Afternoon .Show.:  
"Don't do that after just eating breakfast..." Elvis says, after finishing Polk Salad Annie.
NIAGARA FALLS, June 24, 1974, :
As Elvis is asking the Stamps to sing Why Me, Lord, he says, "I'd like to ask J.D.Sumner and the leave the stage..."
LAS VEGAS, September 1, 1974, D.S.:
Talking about J.D.'s prowess as a bass singer, Elvis says, "He goes off the end of the piano, and then we pick him up again..." "


"Well well well well well well well, if that's all I've got to do man, I've got it made


DALLAS, June 6, 1975:

"First of all the young ladies, or they used to be, ah ha ha..."


DALLAS, June 6, 1975:

After the Stamps sing 'Oh I wish I was in Dixie', Elvis responds with "You are, you dodo..."


NIAGARA FALLS, July 13, 1975, E.S.:
"I love you too, honey, but there's nothing I can do about it right now!..."

LAKE TAHOE, May 2, 1976:

 "You wanna get serious, or just a little baby kiss...any kids in the audience??" Elvis asks in mock concern for decency.


LAKE TAHOE, May 2, 1976:

"Is your wife (to Ronnie Tutt) in the audience, she's not? why you playing so hard?"

LAKE TAHOE, May 8, 1976, D.S.:  
" The young ladies that you met earlier in the show tonight, oh, we've been working together for about six-and-a-half years, we ain't got it right yet..."
LOUISVILLE, July 23, 1976:
 "I'd like to introduce the Stamps individually, but I can't keep up with 'em...
INDIANAPOLIS, June 26, 1977:
 " When tears are in your eyes, I will give you a scarf..."

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