viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Boston 1971 Black Matador


Steve Toli ©

These photos were taken on November 10th 1971 at the Boston Garden. He's wearing on these pictures the jumpsuit known by the fan as the Black Matador.

Steve Toli ©

That particular show has been released on CD under the title " Power Of Zhazam". A reporter of the Boston Globe wrote " a dazzling 52 minutes display of singing and body English ".

Steve Toli ©

The reporter of the Boston Globe continued ," He bumped and grinned, flailed his arms, jerked his head in tempo, strutted around the stage like a pompous wrestler and postured outrageously throughout his whirlwind set to the shrieking delight of his fans."

There's a little anecdote concerning the Boston show and here's the story.


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