viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

1974 Sundial Jumpsuit Worn in Tahoe part 1



Sue McCasland © 

Lake Tahoe,NV. October 12th 1974 dinner show. Right after Elvis closed his tour in Abilene on October 9th 1974, Elvis and his crew flew to Lake Tahoe. Elvis opened a really short stand at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel in Stateline,Nevada. The reason for this very brief four-day stand of eight shows was for to make up for the canceled performances in May '74. 

Sue McCasland ©

The opening show was on October 11th 1974 and closing on the 14th. For the closing show Elvis was on stage for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Sue McCasland ©

Elvis wore the " Sundial " jumpsuit for the very first time during this season in Tahoe. In fact the pictures above might show the first time he ever worn it. This stage attire was never used afterwards until the concert in Savanah, GA. on February 17th 1977, and then on the 20th in Charlotte,NC a few days later. The appearance of the " Sundial jumpsuit " in 1974 isn't the only surprise of that short Tahoe stand.




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