viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

1974 Elvis continued



Sue McCasland ©

Lake Tahoe, NV. October 11th 1974 opening show. This is the very first time Elvis wore the " King Of Spades " jumpsuit. Many fans thought for a long time that Elvis had a brand new jumpsuit in October 1976 tour when he came on stage with it. Elvis never used any black guitar on stage after the July '75 tour so the above picture can't be from 1975 onwards.

Sue McCasland ©

Elvis used that " King Of Spades " jumpsuit in 1976 for the first time in Sioux Falls on October 18th 1976 after that short Tahoe stand in October 1974. In Tahoe he used it with the original belt, which wasn't the case in all the tour from the end of 1976 and the very first one of 1977. He started to use the original belt as shown on the photo during the March 1977 tour



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