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Paul W Burcha was a Medal Of Honor winner.
James B. Goetz was a radio broadcaster and Minnesota Republican politician. He served as the 38th Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota from January 2, 1967 to January 4, 1971.
Mario Renato Capecchi is an Italian-born American molecular geneticist and a co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.[1] He is currently Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics and Biology at the University of Utah School of Medicine
Ron Ziegler was Richard Nixon's White House Press Secretary .

Thomas Atkins was the first Black Boston City councilman.
Wendell Cherry
I have not been able to find photos/info for the other Young men
1. Atkins, Thomas I., 31 - Municipal Affairs (1970)
2. Bucha, Paul W., 27 - Military Service (1970)
3. Capecchi, Mario R., 32 - Biological Research (1970)
4. Cherry, Harry W., 35 - Business (1970)
5. Coll, Edward T., 30 - Voluntary Service (1970)
6. Goetz, James B., 34 - State Affairs (1970)
7. Humann, Walter J., 33 - Business (1970)
8. Presley, Elvis A., 35 - Entertainment (1970)
9. Todaro, Dr. George, 33 - Medicine (1970)
10.Ziegler, Ronald L., 31 - National Affairs (1970)

In the afternoon,at 5.00pm Elvis hosted a cocktail reception at Graceland for the honorees and members of the Jaycees.
Marty Lacker : We had Graceland done real sharp,and we decided that one of the guys would meet each honoree at the door with his wife and take them on a personal tour.
Dinner was then arranged and hosted by Elvis at the Four Flames Restaurant.Bouquets of fresh flowers and candelabras,with place cards signed by Elvis with the tcb logo were present on each table.Music was provided by a violinist,and dinner was served by white gloved waiters.
Marty Lacker : Elvis was real happy except one thing,In the middle of the dinner,the side door opened and in walked 'Al Capp' the cartoonist,well nobody had invited him,and the Sheriff's deputy at the door said 'I'm sorry sir-this is a private party,you can't come in" Capp said in a loud voice "I'm part of the ceremony,and I should be there,It turned out that Capp was going to be one of the speakers at the awards,but we didn't know that,and Capp was drunk,and he started yelling,in a raspy,obnoxious voice "I don't know why I wasn't invited,I'm Al Capp". Finally one of the big-shot Jaycees told him he was going to have to leave.Capp yelled all the way out the door,and he didn't even go to the ceremony.Elvis said "Who gives a sh*t?" but it hurt him and it put a damper on his evening.**
The Four Flames Restaurant was at 1085 Popular Avenue,Memphis,and is now the Child Advocacy center.
Left to right upper) Marty Lacker,Sonny West(at table,lower)Vernon Presley with back to camera,to his left Dee Presley,Priscilla and Elvis stood with Charlie Hodge on the right of Elvis.with Sherrif Bill Morris clapping sat next to Elvis.
(Picture Below) Priscilla,Elvis and Sherrif Bill Morris,wearing his TCB.

Frank Taylor,Memphis organiser for the Jaycees convention : " It was almost like the weekend was away from reality,he(Elvis)had never been exposed to the professional part of life.It was a new world for him,for once he shared the spotlight with others

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