jueves, 9 de julio de 2015

Ron Ziegler after getting to know Elvis

"I think he (Elvis) was very pleased to receive the award,and it was an honor to him,and he so indicated,he was expressing a little discomfort of how he was going to react and to relate to the other people who were there,so we talked about that a little bit. It appeared to me at that time that he wanted to reach out and talk to someone different to that what he could find in his entourage. I didn't get the impression that he was limited or dull witted,I found him to be somewhat articulate and poised individual,I did sense however an individual who was withdrawn and an individual who was somewhat shy. I think all of us were moved by Elvis.He was a natural nice man,I liked him.
Ron Ziegler after getting to know Elvis at the Ten Outstanding Young Men of America awards Ceremony 

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