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Elvis and Jean Simmons on the Set of Jailhouse Rock..
Later photo of Jean.
Award-winning British actress Jean Simmons was filming "Until They Sail" at MGM, a major Robert Wise film also starring Paul Newman and Joan Fontaine. She was married to actor Steward Granger at the time. Her film would be released in October, the same month as "Jailhouse Rock." Elvis co-star Mickey Shaughnessy also had a small role as a Marine in "Until They Sail."
Simmons passed away January22,2010, lung cancer.
Elvis, June Juanico and 8 year old Annalyn Kirksey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. (Nubbin) Kirksey of Tupelo, Ms.
The photo was taken at the Sun´n´Sand Seaside Motel during Elvis' July 1956 vacation in Biloxi, Ms.
3 above...outside the Olympia Theater in Miami Aug 3/4 1956
2 above..Jefferson County Armory Louisville, KY. Sunday November 25, 1956. 8:00 pm
Evening Show. Presley's last show of that year.
Elvis with Lucille Frye and Carna Young at the Seal Bark Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky before leaving on November 26, 1956.

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