miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Jackson, MS on May 5, 1975


Backstage in Jackson, MS on May 5, 1975

This show was the Special Benefit Show that the Colonel had arranged with Elvis to raise money for the January 9, 1975 McComb Twister Victims. A total of $113,674.88 was raised. Through Mississippi Governor Bill Waller's intervention, the Coliseum was provided free of charge to house the 10,242 fans. Elvis and the Colonel also had all the money raised by the souvenir sales contributed to the Tornado victims cause. They even paid for all the shows advertising and production for the show (a total of $35,000). Before the show a Check for $113,674.88 was presented to Governor Waller , who then offered Elvis the States thanks "it was an historic occasion" commented Waller "This is the biggest Benefit in the State". Elvis also met backstage McComb Mayor John Thompson and other state officials

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