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 Filmed before Kissin' Cousins. Elvis had an off-screen romance with his co-star Ann-Margret. This would be Presley's most successful film at the box office, returning more than $9 million to MGM on an investment of less than $1 million due to the dynamic combination of Presley, Ann-Margret and David Winters' choreography. Winters' first of four films he choreographed for Elvis. Box office receipts of $9,442,967 surpassed the returns of The Beatles' first movie which premiered two months after 'Viva'. Due to the film going over-budget, Colonel Tom Parker would slash the budgets for all the remaining films in Presley's career. 
In Great Britain, both the movie and its soundtrack were sold as Love In Las Vegas, since there was another, different movie called Viva Las Vegas that was being shown in British cinemas at the same time that Presley's was released.
"Little Church of the West," the oldest Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, is the location used in the closing scene.
The scene where Presley sings Viva Las Vegas is performed in one single unedited shot - the only known example of such a technique in Presley's movie career.

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