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The film originally had three working titles; Lonesome Cowboy, Something for the Girls, and Running Wild. The latter was used by Ed Sullivan when Presley made his final appearance on his show. However, by the time Presley showed up for filming the title had been changed to match the Leiber & Stoller song "Loving You". The script had been written to suit the inclusion of songs specifically written for the film, a practice that would continue throughout most of Presley's Hollywood career
For his first role in Technicolor, Presley decided that he would look better on screen with dark hair. His screen idols, including Tony Curtis, had dark hair and Presley had always admired their acting abilities and the way they looked on screen. He decided to dye his hair black and with a few exceptions, including his time in the U.S. Army, he would keep it dyed for the rest of his life.
Presley's parents, Gladys and Vernon, were both present during the filming of the final scene of the film and appeared on screen (and at one point, in the same frame, as their son) during the musical number. Following Gladys' death a year later, Presley insisted that he would never watch the film again because it would remind him too much of his mother.
Loving You premiered in Memphis on July 10, 1957 at the Strand Theater. Presley did not go to that showing, instead opting to take current girlfriend Anita Wood and his parents to a private midnight screening. The film opened nationally on July 30, 1957 and peaked at #7 on the Variety National Box Office Survey, staying on the chart for four weeks.
Presley reported for work on January 21, 1957, and filming completed on March 8.

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