viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

In August 1962 Elvis addressed his poor public image in the 1950s

In August 1962  Elvis addressed his poor public image in the 1950s:

Elvis Presley I never thought my act was immoral, and I don't think so now. And I don't think I've changed in any of the fundamentals. Sure, I've got more money, more material things, also more responsibilities. But I was raised to treat people, all people, with respect and courtesy, and I've always done that.

My mother and daddy … they raised me to consider other people's feelings, not to kick anybody on the way up or the way down. I've seen some stars out here behave in that 'get-these-people-out-of-here' attitude. They won't sign autographs or pose for pictures and they want their sets closed … no visitors allowed … and all that jazz. That's not for me.
Where would I be without the support of the people? Why antagonize them? Why put on airs? Before I went into the Army, I guess I antagonized a lot of the men. Maybe they thought I was a lady's man or a great lover. Maybe it was envy or jealousy. I don't know. But I've never thought of myself as anything but a man's man. In the Army I served just like anybody else. I had offers to entertain in Special Services and join this outfit and that outfit but I stayed in an armored division. And by the time I got out I reckon the fellows figured I was just one of them. No better, no worse.



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