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5 Jul today in Elvis history

5 July today in Elvis history

July 05, 1954
Elvis, Scotty and Bill reported to Sun after work. They tried to get something right, but Sam was not impressed.
During a break Elvis burst out in "That's All Right" and Sam became really excited.
On this day in 1954, Elvis Presley recorded his first rock and roll song and his first hit, "That's All Right, Mama."
Elvis had wanted to be a crooner, and in his first recording sessions he only sang slow ballads. But then, in between takes,
Elvis and the other musicians started fooling around and singing a blues tune called "That's All Right." Sam Phillips asked them
to start over from the beginning and recorded the song. He then rushed the record to the biggest DJ in Memphis, and it became Elvis's breakout hit.
July 05, 1955
Elvis returned to Memphis for a two-week vacation. During this weeks Elvis rehearsed the song 'Mystery Train'.
July 05, 1956
Elvis began the first real vacation that he had since he became national known.
July 05, 1969
Elvis 's "In The Guetto" hit #2 in the U.K.
Elvis flew to Los Angeles to prepare for his Las Vegas opening.
July 05, 1970
Elvis flew to the West Coast by way of Chicago, where he checked into the Marriott during his layover.
July 05, 1971
Elvis returned to Los Angeles to begin rehearsals for his first engagement at the Sahara Tahoe at Lake Tahoe.
July 05, 1974
Elvis remained in Memphis for the rest of the month, screening movies, shopping at Lansky's and attending the opening game of the Football League.
July 05, 1976
Elvis performed at the Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee.
July 05, 2004
Radion stations around the world simultaneously played "That's All Right" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the July 5, 1954 recording session that produced Elvis Presley's first single ("That's All Right"). Scotty Moore, Presley's first guitarist, hit the button that began the satellite broadcast to over 1,200 stations.

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