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Justin Tubb, Elvis
Thursday, February 9, 1956
Backstage at the Carolina Theater, Spartanburg, SC

Elvis was said to have performed or at least attended the after show jamboree in Ernest Tubb's record shop after his appearance at the Opry in 1954. Tubb at one time was managed by Oscar Davis who was an associate and advance man for the Colonel and saw Elvis perform at the Eagles nest. Tubb's son Justin toured with Elvis in the early part of 56.
August 5, 1956, Tampa, Florida, photo by Bruce Roberts (Tampa Tribune).

Bruce Roberts (Tampa Tribune) was sent to the National Guard Armory to photograph Elvis: "It was a slow news day at the Tampa Tribune and the city editor sent me over to the National Guard Armory to photograph a new singer that 'Colonel Parker' had just found and thought was the hottest thing around. The Colonel and the city editor were friends and I suspected this was just a way to get the Colonel's latest protégée's picture in the newspaper. Imagine my surprise when I found the place packed with girls. They were all there to see a kid named 'Elvis.' A couple of the girls who couldn't get in waved to him through the chain link fence and he smiled back. Just a small gesture from this charming young man conjured up dreamy looks on their pretty faces. The show was outstanding and the girls went crazy. But we couldn't use the photos because the editor said it was something about the way he moved his hips that was just too suggestive…."

2 above are from Buffalo, April 1, 1957

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